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Addis Ababa is one of the largest African cities offering the unique attributes of a truly African city where the rich and poor live harmoniously side by side and equally share each other’s joy as well as grief. As a city of 100+ years of age, Addis Ababa has many hidden treasures which should be preserved, restored and maintained for the enjoyment of its residents and visitors.

There is a delicate balance that could be struck between the seemingly competing priorities of meeting the challenges of socio-economic development and the preservation of cultural heritage without compromising the ability to realize simultaneous benefits across multiple fronts.

Why Maintain Historical Sites?

The protection and preservation of cultural heritage is the responsibility of each citizen. Past generations of Ethiopians built beautiful structures throughout the country, and each successive generation has paid homage to this history by protecting and maintaining these sites. This generation is obligated to continue with this task. There are many benefits which can be derived from the preservation and maintenance of historical sites:

Historical sites and structures play a major role in enabling Ethiopians, particularly the youth, to acquire a profound and extensive awareness about their culture and history;

They are important national assets with artistic and aesthetic values; and

They can serve as venues for the development of viable arts, crafts, commercial and entertainment centres which provide sources of income for the people and also serve as tourist attractions.

The deterioration of old historic buildings is due to the following:

  • Lack of proper maintenance;
  • Inappropriate / incompatible functional usage;
  • Lack of a sense of ownership (most properties are government owned);
  • Incompatible land use nearby;
  • Occupants’ limited financial capacity;
  • Limited manpower related to conservation;
  • Lack of public awareness of the historical value;
  • Lack of controlling mechanisms to guide the maintenance of historical buildings;
  • Overpopulation; and
  • Absence of complementary functions to the sites – no green areas, proper accommodations or attractive entertainment centres;


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