The rapid pace of the current urban development efforts in Addis Ababa is resulting in the equally rapid demolition of historic buildings and heritages. Many of the few remaining historic buildings are currently inhabited by families, local government offices, businesses and other entities, which in turn causes extensive damage and deterioration to these invaluable gems. This is the result of a lack of awareness about the uniqueness and potential value of historical buildings and sites at all levels of the Ethiopian society. To this end, Addis Woubet calls for the following:

  • All historical buildings and sites should be monitored and if possible given protection.
  • Creation and maintenance of a database with information pertaining to the historical and cultural heritage contained within monuments, churches and other sites.
  • A comprehensive cataloge of all artwork and artifacts known to be contained within historic structures.
  • Public access to all the information stored in our databases.
  • Publication of multiple outreach instruments such as brochures, periodicals, and newsletters.
  • Participation in workshops and presentations as well as the creation of an interactive internet forum to encourage debate over the issues surrounding the wanton destruction of so many buildings of historic value.
  • Core architectural and related construction training at higher educational is given.
  • Ttechnical and vocational training institutions should incorporate formal coursework in the architectural aesthetics and monetary value of these historical buildings. Close collaboration with countries like Germany should be encouraged as similar restoration efforts have been successful when building from the ruins of World War II.

Alignment with Addis Ababa City Government’s Urban Development Strategies

Addis Woubet plans to accomplish this through collaboration with the highest levels of the Addis Ababa City Government and, if need be, by serving as a focal point for the overall effort.

Addis Woubet strongly believes that preservation and restoration strategies will enhance the overall efforts of the city government by increasing the benefits for all stakeholders. Therefore, Addis Woubet seeks to align its goals closely with the basic tenets of the Addis Ababa City Government’s urban development programmes.

Sustainable Revenue Generation

The ultimate success of our upscale neighbourhood and classic building themes depend upon sustainable plans for ensuring economic value to the city, local neighbourhoods, current residents and other pertinent stakeholders. This approach provides municipal decision-makers with additional alternatives in regards to the socio-economic value of historical buildings and sites. To this end, Addis Woubet plans to undertake the following tasks:

  • Provide assessments to compare what the city expects from a low-cost housing project at a given site to our financial projections regarding potential revenue that could be derived from owning sites with with potential tourist revenue;
  • Actively involve specific neighborhoods; local government; communities and other stakeholders in every aspect the preservation and restoration efforts we undertake. This approach will create a sense of ownership in the local community and will serve as added assurance of the long-term sustainability of our plans; and
  • Involve pertinent embassies; international enentities; public and private sector organizations; NGO community members and other stakeholders through a variety of forums to highlight innovative strategies such as alternative building use; tenancy in renovated classic-buildings and investment in tourism.

Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s legacy to Africa. Ethiopians are proud of their independent history, energized by the present, and hopeful that the future will bring new prosperity to all.

Addis Woubet shares this desire to give our classical past a promising future. To that end, we ask for your support in making the plans become a reality. Addis Woubet’s vision for a promising future is one in which our heritage is respected and our economy revitalized in a sustainable way that provides benefits for all the people. This can only happen with your support.

Please contact us today to find out how you can help support Addis Woubet’s vision for ourv historic restoration projects.

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