Addis Woubet is an NGO created to raise awareness of the need to preserve, restore and maintain of some of the significant historical sites of Addis Ababa and use them as a foundation to jumpstart economic and cultural development. Most of the existing historical buildings in Addis Ababa are concentrated in the Arada, Arat Kilo and Sidist Kilo areas.

Addis’ threatened historical heritage is just one of a myriad of social and economic problems prevalent in Ethiopia. Addis Woubet believes it is possible to strike a balance between seemingly competing priorities by finding solutions that realize simultaneous benefits across multiple fronts. The strategy revolves around the successful realization of the following:

  • The creation of a collaborative framework that encourages the participation of all relevant stakeholders including pertinent municipal offices, public and private sector entities, local community members, embassies, concerned individuals as well as other local and international entities.
  • Thorough identification and cataloguing activities, which will culminate in the development and deployment of an appropriate database that is richly populated and pictorial as well as textually descriptive (using architectural and historical background) of classic buildings and related heritages.
  • Alignment to urban development activities undertaken by the city government, which strive to address the housing shortage observed in Addis Ababa (and other cities) as well as associated needs surrounding inevitable socio-economic requirements of local neighbourhoods, urban beautification and other multi-faceted urban issues. Our alignment efforts incorporate strategies such as the World Bank’s Mix-City framework, Addis Ababa’s Green Zones, and other innovative urban themes.
  • Development of frameworks for the realization of sustainable revenues through the preservation / restoration of historical buildings and related heritages.
  • The subsequent creation of niche markets in tourism, upscale neighbourhood development and the premium services sectors.


Addis Woubet’s vision is the realization of the designation of Arada as a “historical district” whereby the historical structures are preserved and renovated respecting the architectural quality and ambiance and utilizing these treasures for revitalizing the cultural and economic life of residents and visitors.


Addis Woubet’s mission is to inspire an Ethiopian renaissance connecting the past to an understanding of the present and paving the way for a future where historical and cultural heritage are building blocks for the country’s socio-economic development.


Our overall goal is the preservation, restoration and redevelopment of Arada as a historical, cultural, entertainment and commercial centre particularly in the arts and crafts.


Our immediate objectives are:

  • Advocacy, awareness creation and mobilization on the need for preservation of historical buildings and structures, the creation of green areas and public spaces, sanitation and environmental protection of Addis Ababa in the city’s urban development initiatives.
  • Undertake studies and documentation of the city’s historical neighbourhoods and buildings to create a database.
  • Renovate the Mohammedali building and establish it as Addis Woubet’s centre for supporting the preservation of historical sites, showcasing different aspects of our cultural heritage.
  • Ensure the transfer of knowledge about preservation and restoration of historical heritage through training activities, seminars, radio and TV.
  • Facilitate the creation of a collaborative framework by stakeholders and mobilization of funds.
  • Restore and launch one historical building as part of Addis Woubet’s contribution to the celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium.

Our long term objective is advocacy for the designation of the Arada area as a “historical neighbourhood” and its development as a revitalized commercial and cultural area.

Our motto: “One must form a new view of the past in order to have a new vision of the future.” (Theodore Zeldin)

Telephone: 0911127123 | email: addiswoubet@gmail.com
Address: P.O.Box 204, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia