Please note that insofar as Addis Woubet is concerned, historical buildings and related heritages refers to the physical structures that were constructed from the establishment of Addis Ababa as the capital of Ethiopia over 100 years ago.

Even beyond the obvious significance of Addis Woubet’s vision to Ethiopia and its people, these heritage also have relevance to many European and Asian communities (both here as well as abroad) since most of these architectural gems are an amalgamation of designs that reflect the cultures and styles of their home countries, albeit without losing their Ethiopian themes.


Four guiding principles surround Addis Woubet’s approach to the Arada Historic Revitalization Project: organization, design, promotion and economic restructuring.

  • Organization. Organization is the key to a successful downtown revitalization program. Strong organization provides the stability to build and maintain a long term programme of revitalization.
  • Design. A good downtown design program always leads to an improved environment that reflects the present as well as the past.
  • Promotion. Promotion and awareness strategies seek to enhance the image of downtown as an exciting community center, a meeting and a gathering spot filled with activity, thriving stores, successful businesses, quality service and activity.
  • Economic Restructuring. Restoring downtown economic vitality is the ultimate goal of Arada’s revitalization program. Commercial areas have declined in relative value over the past few decades because of changes in citizens’ lifestyle and community values. Reversing this trend and establishing the direction for economic growth is central to the revitalization process and is the ultimate measure of the success of the program.

Addis Woubet’s formal project methodology features discrete phases and an effective collaborative framework.

Our phasing strategy breaks down the overall revitalization project into manageable phases consisting of specific tasks defined for each phase. The phases are aligned to fund allocations whereby a disbursement schedule is defined for each phase and is fully allocated only after the successful completion of all its various tasks.

The following is an outline of the preparatory phase of the project:

  • The development of a milestone-driven and formal project and related proposal.
  • The development of an effective organizational framework for both permanent and contract staff.
  • The successful completion of work-plan tasks related to (1) the identification and cataloguing of historical buildings and sites; (2) Advocacy and awareness-creation; (3) Alignment with Addis Ababa city government’s urban development strategies; and (4) The creation of sustainable revenue generation strategies.
  • Undertake the selection of potential preservation and restoration candidate-sites and buildings for our ‘Ethiopian Millennium’ theme in close collaboration with the Addis Ababa City Government and other pertinent stakeholders.
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